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  1. Happy New Year

    14 January 2014: The sun rises over the Nature Reserve on a New Year and already the days are imperceptibly stretching out in length. The bird life certainly recognises this, as at this time of the year I am always a little surprised to hear birds …

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  2. Tidal storm surge - 6 December 2013

    16 December 2013: Some might be wondering how the Landguard Peninsula fared after the last tidal storm surge. The day before the event the Environment Agency put out a flood warning, this is a step up from a flood alert and should be taken …

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  3. Welcome snowflakes!

    29 November 2013: The other week I had an e-mail from a lady that was concerned that there wasn’t enough done to protect the ground nesting birds on the Reserve. My first action was to reply to her email letting her know all that we were doing …

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  4. Nature Reserve first and foremost

    4 November 2013: Sharp eyes at the Bird Observatory didn’t miss a Long Tailed Blue Butterfly (Lampedes boeticus) an extremely rare migrant to the British Isles. Although rare here it has one of the largest ranges for a Lycaenid in the world. Just …

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  5. All creatures great and small

    4 October 2013: Three weeks in to my new post as the Landguard Ranger and I feel more at home, quite literally as I step out of my back door straight into the office! Thanks to everyone for helping me settle in and making me feel welcome …

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  6. Hello... I'm Chris the new Ranger at Landguard

    19 September 2013: This is the blog of Ranger Chris J Ryde of the Landguard Nature Reserve, on a two year mission to maintain and enhance its biological diversity. To boldly go, raising awareness of the sites fragile eco systems. Engaging …

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