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Landguard Nature Reserve
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Open all year, daily, any reasonable time.




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Admission free.




Landguard Nature ReserveOther Information

- Guided tours of the Nature Reserve are held throughout the year.
- Educational and Group Visits are welcome. Please see the section below.
- Toilets and picnic area.
- Volunteers are always welcome to join.

Landguard Nature Reserve - Leaflet
Landguard Nature Reserve - Leaflet

The colourful Landguard Nature Reserve leaflet provides information on the rich history and wildlife of the Reserve, together with a useful map highlighting the key features to help you explore.

Download the Landguard Nature Reserve - Leaflet

Please note: this document is in pdf format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

Landguard Nature Reserve - Dog Walking Zones MapDog walking on Landguard Nature Reserve

Dog walkers are welcome on the Landguard Nature Reserve. We request that visitors to the Reserve acquaint themselves with our 'Dog Walking Zones', as on the southern half of the Reserve all dogs must be on a short fixed lead. This helps to limit the disturbance to more vulnerable wildlife such as ground nesting and migratory birds.

There are bins that take bagged dog waste sited at the Manor Terrace car park, the track adjacent to View Point Road, the Visitor Centre car park, another just before the main entrance into the Reserve by the Fort and one just in from the main entrance. Please pick up after your dog as we would like all visitors to enjoy their visit and of course if you don’t you are risking being prosecuted and fined.

Download the Landguard Nature Reserve - Dog Walking Zones Map

PSPO (Public Space Protection Order)Please note: this document is in pdf format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view
or print.


PSPO (Public Space Protection Order)

Download the PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) for the Landguard Nature Reserve.

This order came into effect on the 3 January 2018.

Please note: this document is in pdf format, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.

Landguard Nature ReserveSchool Visits

The Landguard Partnership welcomes and encourages visiting school groups to the Nature Reserve. Please let us know of your intention to bring a school group to the Nature Reserve to ensure that you get the best out of your visit and help us record numbers of visits. For the protection of the Nature Reserve wildlife we would like all visiting school groups that are not being led by the Reserve Ranger to use only certain parts of the Reserve from April to the end of August.

The entire northern half of the Reserve is open to field studies throughout the year. This is either accessed from Manor Terrace car park (located at the most northern end of the Reserve) or through the main gates adjacent to the Fort and car park. Entering at this location, follow the hard track around to the left, after several hundred yards a notice board is reached where the sea wall dissects the northern half of the Reserve from the southern half.

Alternatively the beach and grassland located directly across from and to the left of the main gates is available for field studies. The rest of the beach in this half of the Reserve has roped off enclosures that protect nesting birds such as Ringed Plovers and also protect the Landguard Nature Reservevegetation from being trampled. Standing around the edge of the enclosures is discouraged as this can disturb nesting birds. The grassland to the right from the main gates plays an important role for feeding and migrating birds.

Beachcombing along the 'strand line' is a great way to get to know what items like Mermaids Purses and Hornwrack really are. We do ask that all items are left on the beach and only photographs are taken. This is because the 'strand line' plays host to many invertebrates that are busy breaking down, or hiding under washed up material and in turn provide food for shore birds.

Please note: there are free guided tours with the Reserve Ranger for pre-booked educational groups (donations welcome).

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