Little Explorers

Hello everyone - it's Daisy and Oscar here...


Little ExplorersWe are the Little Explorers, and this bit of the website is just for us.

So if you are a grown-up reading this then please leave now... there is nothing here for you to see. Have they gone? - good, now we can have some fun!


Little ExplorersThere are so many great things to see and do at Landguard.

- You can travel back in time at Landguard Fort, and imagine yourself as a brave soldier defending the Fort against enemy invaders. Then play a game of hide and seek in the maze of rooms and passageways.

- Next door, the Felixstowe Museum is packed with all sorts of amazing stuff to see, including lots of little aeroplanes, toys your gran and grandad played with and the bits of real woolly mammoth!

- Spot giant ships from all over the world at the John Bradfield Viewing Area.

Little Explorers

- Go on safari on the Landguard Nature Reserve, home to jumping spiders, colourful butterflies and the smelly Stinking Goosefoot plant. Make sandcastles on the beach and walk along the rifle butts.

- Our feathered friends are counted/ringed (a little metal band placed on the bird's leg) by the Landguard Bird Observatory, where they also trap and check out the moths too.

Little Explorers- Pop into the Landguard Visitor Centre and View Point Cafe where you can check out the 'ship tracker' and enjoy some yummy fish and chips or an ice cream.


Want more fun? then don't miss our Easter trailstreasure hunts and spooky fun too! Check out What's On and get a grown-up to bring you along.

See you at Landguard soon!

Daisy and Oscar